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All-women Discovery Retreat * Kuala Lumpur

Attention Ladies…
Come and join this must-attend retreat, specially designed for you!
Pick up our Discover-Empower tools to help you go through your current challenges, RElearn to unwind, detox, connect with other retreat participants, reconfigure and restrategize so that you are, more than ever, stronger and more equipped to face and brave the current and future challenges.
As the retreat is extremely limited, you will get a personal coaching session during the retreat and also receive a 1-hour complimentary post-retreat coaching session with your Retreat Coach.
This is our last open retreat for #AllWomenDiscovery for the year, so don’t take too long to decide to sign up! Of course, if you have a group that are keen to work with our #LifeCoach, you can book a private retreat at anytime.
Good news — sign up in group of THREE or more and get 10% off.
Another good news — all past and current coaching graduates get 15% off the published fees.
PM us to register and fill in this form https://goo.gl/forms/SdRGlhpvayqrUjfm1 to get the full retreat program.
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